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QIGONG. Breathe. Move. Get Energized!

Apr 8, 2015

At each seasonal change, I lead a Qigong session in one of our Metro Parks. Until we meet again, practice this exercise to get engergized and build better balance.

Qigong Breathing: Circling the Arms

Four times a year, as the seasons change, I lead an open Qigong (“chee gung”) session at the Signal Tree in the Chuckery area of Cascade Valley Metro Park. I love sharing the “Four Golden Wheels” exercises with everyone who comes.

Through the playful movements and mindful breathing of this Qigong practice we activate our primary energy centers and nourish our Qi, our vital energy. Benefits abound! Some participants get energized; others find relaxation. Some people receive physical healings; others, spiritual connections.

Until we meet again, feel free to practice (and share) the attached Qigong exercise, “Circling the Arms.” Use it to rejuvenate yourself and build better balance. It’s almost as easy as pushing the refresh button on your computer!

Good Qi,

Nancy G

"I love the workshops and rituals! Great opportunities to join with like-minded people.  Nacy gently leads us through practices and rituals that connect us to Source while honoring our own unique expressions of the Divine."

Suzanne Paouncic, Project Director