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Who are you... NOW?

Posted Sep 30, 2015

I’m not who I was as a kid. I’m not who I was as a young adult. I’m not even who I was yesterday before I had a conversation with a neonatal doctor while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Our lives are full of “potential realities.” Big and little choices that contribute to who we are.

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Fall... time for balance

Posted Sep 23, 2015

The Fall Equinox is the furthest point in Nature’s annual cycle. Whether referring to the seasonal changes or our life cycles, fall is the time to reflect back to where we began the current cycle, make adjustments and find balance.

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It's Still Summer!

Posted Sep 9, 2015

Even if kids are back in school and some leaves are starting to turn and drop, it’s still summer. Enjoy the rest of this season before rushing into the next. Take a play day. What might that look like for YOU?

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Hiking Stick (or broom!) Stretches

Posted Sep 1, 2015

Sunday’s Metro Parks’ Fall Hiking Spree Kick-off was a lot of fun! Several groups joined me for hiking stick warm-ups before their walks; others stopped afterward for some great post-hike stretches. Here are two that can benefit your back, shoulders, neck and eyes.

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