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Pipes & Drums

Posted Jul 29, 2015

I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. I enjoy their music, dance, stories and of course, food!

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Animal Guides

Posted Jul 22, 2015

Animals can be our companions, our teachers, our guides. Each one has his/her own “medicine” or essence. For example, Deer medicine is gentleness. Hummingbird is joy. Bear is introspection. Dog is loyalty.

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Going with the flow?

Posted Jul 15, 2015

Take 30 seconds to appreciate the power of water. 

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Restorative Pose for Body and Mind

Posted Jul 8, 2015

Want to reverse the effects of gravity, move stagnant fluids, calm your nervous system and improve your digestion?!? Practice Legs Up the Wall inversion pose.

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Our Parks

Posted Jul 1, 2015

We are all so blessed to have parks, trails and wildlife preserves. Do you get out and enjoy yours?

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Posted Jun 24, 2015

Kung Fu Panda here. We took another bike ride today. Our favorite reward is Snickers Ice Cream Bars. Actually, Nancy always has to help me finish mine.

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Summer... the season of greatest growth

Posted Jun 17, 2015

What “season” of life are you in right now? As part of nature, we go through various cycles too… opportunities for growth within each of our seasons.

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Qi (aka Mindful) Breathing in Exercise

Posted Jun 10, 2015

Kung Fu Panda and I love to go biking on the Towpath. Here he is at Beaver Marsh with some of his friends. He's such a ham!

Using this mindful breathing technique, with minimal effort we gained great rewards. Try it!

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Super Qi Summit

Posted Jun 3, 2015

We all need to “recharge” periodically. I took the opportunity to do that Memorial weekend during the “Super Qi Summit” held at the Omega Institute in New York. Nine Qigong and Tai Chi masters openly shared their gifts. The energy among us was palpable. Community was created.

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Better Block Akron/North Hill

Posted May 20, 2015

How many of you have lived in the same neighborhood your entire life? I have... for 60 years. And I'm thrilled that my neighborhood was selected to be Akron's first "Better Block."

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