Life Cycles

Stretch. Reflect. Act.

Life Cycles

Raining Leaves

Posted Nov 6, 2015

It was raining leaves today! Made me think of Carrie Newcomer's song, "Leaves Don't Drop (They Just Let Go)." What a perfect theme for this time of year!

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Memory Stones

Posted Oct 29, 2015

To me, they’re “Memory Stones.”

I love to drive through the cemetery and honor the people behind the “Memory Stones.” How appropriate that I was drawn there, just before Halloween.

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Wonder-full Wednesdays!

Posted Oct 23, 2015

Being self-employed, I create my own schedule. That means I sometimes can take a little time to “play” while most people are working. It also means I often am working while you all are playing!

This week, the stars aligned.

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Time to kill?

Posted Oct 14, 2015

I shudder when I hear someone say, “I had time to kill.” Time passes quickly enough as it is. Does anyone really have time to “kill”?

When I find myself with a little in-between time, a little “pause” time, I cherish it! I look for images in the clouds... like this feather! Or I call a friend, swing on my front porch rocker or play Sudoku. When you find yourself with an unexpected gift of time, celebrate it!

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Who are you... NOW?

Posted Sep 30, 2015

I’m not who I was as a kid. I’m not who I was as a young adult. I’m not even who I was yesterday before I had a conversation with a neonatal doctor while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Our lives are full of “potential realities.” Big and little choices that contribute to who we are.

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Fall... time for balance

Posted Sep 23, 2015

The Fall Equinox is the furthest point in Nature’s annual cycle. Whether referring to the seasonal changes or our life cycles, fall is the time to reflect back to where we began the current cycle, make adjustments and find balance.

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It's Still Summer!

Posted Sep 9, 2015

Even if kids are back in school and some leaves are starting to turn and drop, it’s still summer. Enjoy the rest of this season before rushing into the next. Take a play day. What might that look like for YOU?

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Following Your Passion

Posted Aug 5, 2015

Akron native Wanda Hunt chose a “road less traveled” when she formed the Wanda Hunt Band. And we’re glad she did! This blog is a shout-out to her and a question for you

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Animal Guides

Posted Jul 22, 2015

Animals can be our companions, our teachers, our guides. Each one has his/her own “medicine” or essence. For example, Deer medicine is gentleness. Hummingbird is joy. Bear is introspection. Dog is loyalty.

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Going with the flow?

Posted Jul 15, 2015

Take 30 seconds to appreciate the power of water. 

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