Life Cycles

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Life Cycles

Memory Stones

Posted Oct 29, 2015

To me, they’re “Memory Stones.”

I love to drive through the cemetery and honor the people behind the “Memory Stones.” How appropriate that I was drawn there, just before Halloween.

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Wonder-full Wednesdays!

Posted Oct 23, 2015

Being self-employed, I create my own schedule. That means I sometimes can take a little time to “play” while most people are working. It also means I often am working while you all are playing!

This week, the stars aligned.

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Time to kill?

Posted Oct 14, 2015

I shudder when I hear someone say, “I had time to kill.” Time passes quickly enough as it is. Does anyone really have time to “kill”?

When I find myself with a little in-between time, a little “pause” time, I cherish it! I look for images in the clouds... like this feather! Or I call a friend, swing on my front porch rocker or play Sudoku. When you find yourself with an unexpected gift of time, celebrate it!

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