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Qi (aka Mindful) Breathing in Exercise

Posted Jun 10, 2015

Kung Fu Panda and I love to go biking on the Towpath. Here he is at Beaver Marsh with some of his friends. He's such a ham!

Using this mindful breathing technique, with minimal effort we gained great rewards. Try it!

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Good Qi Driving

Posted Apr 22, 2015

Qi. Vital energy. Universal energy. It is in us and all around us, like a saturated sponge in a bathtub of warm water. A great technique for making your drive time more Qi-full is to consciously follow your breath. 

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QIGONG. Breathe. Move. Get Energized!

Posted Apr 8, 2015

At each seasonal change, I lead a Qigong session in one of our Metro Parks. Until we meet again, practice this exercise to get engergized and build better balance.

Qigong Breathing: Circling the Arms

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