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Hiking Stick (or broom!) Stretches

Posted Sep 1, 2015

Sunday’s Metro Parks’ Fall Hiking Spree Kick-off was a lot of fun! Several groups joined me for hiking stick warm-ups before their walks; others stopped afterward for some great post-hike stretches. Here are two that can benefit your back, shoulders, neck and eyes.

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Technology is a tool. Remember our humanity!

Posted Aug 25, 2015

The rate of information creation and technological advancements is accelerating. So are the rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and depression, to name a few.

Take five minutes to watch this video.

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Restorative Pose for Body and Mind

Posted Jul 8, 2015

Want to reverse the effects of gravity, move stagnant fluids, calm your nervous system and improve your digestion?!? Practice Legs Up the Wall inversion pose.

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QIGONG. Breathe. Move. Get Energized!

Posted Apr 8, 2015

At each seasonal change, I lead a Qigong session in one of our Metro Parks. Until we meet again, practice this exercise to get engergized and build better balance.

Qigong Breathing: Circling the Arms

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